A Balanced Life

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The theory of  BALANCE  sounds good…and feels good…yet for many of us, maintaining it continues to be as difficult a task as trying to grasp the wind in our bare hands.

As I’ve traveled the globe, I’ve conducted an informal survey.  The question posed: “What things in your life are indicative of balance?”  Some of the responses appear in the acronym below:

Be your own best friend.  Treat yourself kindly.  Make decisions that support you and your goals.  Don’t get so caught up in meeting the needs of everyone else that you neglect your own.  Think about it, if a friend treated you like you treat yourself—would you consider them a good friend?  If the answer is no- -it’s time to make some changes.

Align yourself with positive things and people.  Negative energy can upset the axis of your universe unlike anything else.  Rid your life of toxic situations and relationships.

Let go!  For those of us who hunger for order in our world, this can be very challenging.  Balance is not about order; it’s about having the ability to determine when order is a necessity, versus a luxury.  As author Richard Carlson says, “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.”

Accept that control is only a state of mind.  It’s the pursuit of control that will keep us in constant motion, never allowing our thoughts or bodies to rest.  Unconsciously, we become afraid to slow down or stop momentarily, for fear that we’ll lose ownership of something or someone we never really owned to begin with.

Never take loved ones for granted.  Many of us are so busy these days, that finding time to spend with those we love and those who love us, is often pushed to the back burner with a thought of “catching up” or “getting with them later”.  As we’ve seen time & time again- – sometimes “later” never comes.

Commit to the principle of balance. Just as you schedule meetings and other work- activities, schedule time on your calendar for things that rejuvenate & refresh you; or time for doing absolutely nothing at all.  Once you establish your priorities and the boundaries that protect them- – diligently honor them.  Do not allow other’s agendas to rank in importance over your own.

Everyday is THE day.  In other words, learn to live in the moment.  When we are constantly future-focused, it inhibits our ability to see the things that provide balance, joy, relaxation, creativity, and most importantly…peace of mind.  Without peace of mind- – there can be no balance.

  • Brenda Gooch

    Excellent thanks for the insight and encouragement

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