Memory Lane

 In Memories

This morning, I came across a CD with photos of our company’s signature event, the “Let’s Talk Business Speakers Series.” As I viewed the slideshow, I was reminded of how excited I was about this new venture! Our goal was to host an event that gave our guests a great start to their day by filling them up with food for the mind, body & soul. The event featured keynote speakers that shared pearls of wisdom and best practices on various professional development topics, networking with other professionals doing big things in business, and a hot breakfast prepared by one of Atlanta’s top chefs.

Looking at those photos reminded me that I can do whatever I put my mind to. If we’re committed to doing the work necessary to bring our vision to fruition…then the goal is more than feasible….its attainable. Sometimes when we experience failure or setbacks, it’s hard to maintain that train of thought — that “Can Do” mindset. Rather than seeing a clear path to our goals, we see obstacles. Instead of feeling excited about the opportunities, we fear the possibilities.

Looking back over our past accomplishments helps reminds us of what we’re capable of, .and ignites our spirit to continue putting in the work. It’s easy to remember our failures or aborted goals, they seem to resonate in our heads and repeat like a scratched CD.  It takes a more resolute effort to recall all of the things we thought we couldn’t do…things we had never done….things that until that time were only observable in our minds…THAT WE ACTIALLY DID!

Next time you find yourself seeing more obstacles than opportunities for attaining your goals…take a trip down memory lane.  Allow the feelings of accomplishment for the things you’ve already done, to inspire you to push forward toward the things you still want to do.

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